The Future

What does the future hold for our customers?

They say, “the best way to predict the future, is to create it”.

Our engineers at Zedora are working round the clock to develop efficient and affordable products and services needed in the daily activities of people. These products and services are focused on the emerging Nigerian online gaming market, health, energy, education, security and defense systems, etc. Most of these products and services are currently ‘classified’, but soon, they will be revealed to the public.

Zedora Industrial Limited has interests in not just general electronics, technology development and manufacturing, but also in renewable energy, agriculture, real estate and construction, waste management and recycling. We are geared towards contributing our best to advancements in technology, and aiding the economic growth of the nation by creating jobs and reducing the staggering unemployment rate through our products and services.

In the not too distant future, we will develop systems for the harnessing, generation and supply of renewable energy and power using small and medium scale solar systems, synthesized fuels for powering gas engines, and other heating applications for consumption by consumers. Highly potent organic biofertilizers produced as a by-product of fuel synthesis will be packaged for sale to farmers.


Gas-powered engines

Proposed medium-scale solar farm

Proposed bioenergy facility

We intend to grow food crops, run small and medium-scale farming systems with cash crops such as potatoes, yam, cassava, cocoyam, corn, oil palm, and groundnuts; for wholesale and possible export, with sufficient storage and food processing facilities. We will also produce food and beverage products such as packaged snacks, health drinks, alcoholic drinks, and soft drinks.

Mechanised farming

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